CannaBus Cultural Film Festival April 20th Burlington Vermont

Hey Stoners Welcome to The Johno Show. I’m your host Johno. We are here with my friend Matt, founder of We’re gonna ask him 5 questions about Transit Blog. Yeah!

Question 1: Tell us a little about the Transit Blog.

Transit is a platform to shed light on the people, places and events that inspire us to get somewhere. I wanted to tell stories from the road, the amazing people I met along the way and the moments that inspired me.

Question 2: Have you helped premier any local talent and events?


I’ve covered up and coming local artists to established international artists (D Double E, Swindle). We’ve premiered several albums for local artists and helped organize and market events like the Freq Show. We are partnered with a few collectives- Sermon 3, Progressive Beat Culture and EyeStayGold Records. Moving forward we are working on more events, new contributors from around the world (right now we have London, Berlin and Toronto working on articles about social change in urban settings, music reviews, etc), and merch. The merch will be exclusive merchandise from local street artists and exclusive musical releases. There are giveaways and guerrilla campaigns in the works as well to help expand partnered brands.

Question 3: What is Transit Blog’s input into the Cannabis Industry?

As far as our involvement in the Cannabis industry, it has been fairly passive up until this point. Last year I was covering Philly Smoke Session events at One Art Community Center, however this year they were unfortunately shut down. Like the CannaGather event, I would like to cover more people creating the industry. I would also like to expand visibility of the possibilities to my base which is often bogged down by the taboo ‘weed’ ideals and embrace the ‘cannabis community’. I believe reaching people through music, art and urban culture we can create a better educated cannabis base. I will achieve this through giveaways, interviews and event coverage. Also on the side I’m starting to grow my network of industry professionals and as we get closer to a full blown industry I am positioning myself to be an asset for marketing (my background is in grassroots marketing for start-ups). Transit would be a strong tool in the arsenal, but also I would be able to connect event organizers and artists to emerging brands.

Question 4: What are some noticeable changes you’ve seen in terms of Cannabis at some of these shows?

Question 5: How can digital media be a strong ally in the Cannabis market as it emerges throughout the nation?


CannaBus Cultural Film Festival April 20th Burlington Vermont