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CannaBus Cultural Film Festival April 20th Burlington Vermont

Originally Aired: August 24, 2017

The Johno Show is back with our guest David owner of Cannabis Network Radio and I’m going to play Stump the Guest with 5 questions about Israel.

Hey Stoners Welcome to The Johno Show I’m your host Jonathan. You can play along by selecting your answers in the pop-up poll after each question. So sit back, roll yourself a joint and join us in Stump the Guest. Yeah!

Hey David before we begin tell us a little about Cannabis Network Radio.


Okay let’s play “Stump the Guest”

Who won Israel’s only Olympic Medal?
Oren Smadja
Michael Kolganov
Yael Arad
Gal Fridman

Who turned down the offer to become Israel’s president in 1952?
Abe Foxman
Albert Einstein
Groucho Marx
Elie Wiesel

Whose portrait appears on the new 100-shekel banknote?
Golda Meir
Leah Goldberg
Yitzhak Rabin
Menacham Begin

What was the first country to officially put its embassy in Jerusalem?
United States
Costa Rica

How many times has Israel won the Eurovision Song Contest?

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Where is the only kosher McDonald’s restaurant outside Israel?
Buenos Aires
New York

Which Israeli city’s motto is: “Nonetheless and despite it all”?
Rishon Letzion


CannaBus Cultural Film Festival April 20th Burlington Vermont