CannaBus Cultural Film Festival April 20th Burlington Vermont

Originally Aired: June 13, 2017

Tim Matteson runs the CannaBus Culture Film Festival June 22nd at the Wythe Hotel Cinema in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I’m gonna attempt to Stump the Guest with 5 questions about Weed Movies.

Okay let’s play “Stump the Guest”
President Obama hired which actor from a stoner movie series as an associate director at the Office of Public Liaison?

Dave Chappelle played the stoner dude… and rapper Sir Smoke-a-Lot… in what 1998 stoner comedy about dealers getting in trouble with a rival grower (and subsequently evoking the spirit of Jerry Garcia)?


Set in the fantasy kingdom of Mourne, what 2011 stoner fantasy comedy featured Danny McBride in the role of the stoner dude as he and his brother (played by James Franco) set out to destroy the evil sorcerer, Leezar?

Seann William Scott and Ashton Kutcher were both stoner dudes in a 2000 film about lost automobiles and Continuum Transfunctioners. What was the name of the movie?

Both Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith were stoner dudes in what 2001 movie following the pair’s decision to claim the royalties of their ‘Bluntman and Chronic’ superhero brand?


CannaBus Cultural Film Festival April 20th Burlington Vermont