CannaBus Cultural Film Festival April 20th Burlington Vermont

Originally Aired: September 18, 2017

The Johno Show guest today is Randi from iCUP. Today it’s strain review day. Here are the top 5 facts of the Cannabis strain known as Bubble Gum. Yeah!

Before we get started Randi tell us a little about iCUP.

And as is customary on The Johno Show we light up before counting down!! So let’s do it!!


Fact Number 5: History & Lineage

The story goes that Bubble Gum was developed in the 1970s by growers in Indiana using a North American Hybrid and a Unknown Indica strain of cannabis. Then the genetics moved to New England and eventually to Holland. It took several generations of to master a strain that embodied the smell and taste of Bubble Gum. Since then Bubble Gum has been the winner of several awards in the High Times Cannabis Cup. It won in ’94 and took 2nd place in ’95 and again in ’99.

Fact Number 4: Positive vs Negative Effects

Bubble Gum starts with a buzzing head high that is typically followed by an even heavier body buzz. The effects can last up to two hours and leaves the user Relaxed, Uplifted and Creative.

Medically it works for patients suffering from anxiety, stress, and mood-related disorders. It also helps relieve pain, insomnia, and a lack of appetite.

The only Negatives are as usual Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes and to a Lesser Degree: Dizziness, Anxiousness and Paranoia.

Fact Number 3: Sativa vs Indica & THC/CBD Levels

Bubble Gum is a 50% Sativa /50% Indica Hybrid with an alleged THC at 30% which is unusually high.

Fact Number 2: Appearance, Smell & Taste

Bubble Gum produces a Sweet Berry Flower taste. It’s milder than many other strains but is reminiscent of a bag of Big League Chew Gum or old school Bazooka Joe Bubblegum.

The nugs are light green with bright orange colored hairs and lots of crystals that make the whole tree look snowy.

Fact Number 1: You Gotta Smoke It to Know It!

So how do we feel?


CannaBus Cultural Film Festival April 20th Burlington Vermont