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CannaBus Cultural Film Festival April 20th Burlington Vermont

I’m here with Lester Matthews aka Newnue from YBN Entertainment. He’s a writer, producer and actor. He’s going to tell us about 5 of his current projects.

Project 1) The Circle & The Circle NYC
So the first season of The Circle is much different than it is now. You went back home with some friends and we got introduced to your family.

Now you’ve changed the name slightly to The Circle NYC and it follows the lives of five LGBTQ entertainers in New York City including Travis, Tamara a trans person, Envy a porn star, Damien a musician and you.

This show is high drama from beginning to end. How much of that is the camera catching the moment or the moment saved for the camera?


Project 2) Sex Tales
Is a group of guys talking about sex. There are different segments and special guests. It definitely gets wild. But now my question is the last episode of this season you title The Final Sex Tales. Is that true? What happened?

Project 3) The Commute – This is a 4 part film about life in New York City. There’s a lot of sex, violence and controversial topics. It’s your first foray into a near feature film right?

Project 4) Livin’ Manmade
A Reality Series FIRST TRANS Urban Reality/Docu Series

Project 5) 1 On 1 with Newnue
This is an interview series where you personally talk to celebrities and socialites about the different topics that affect the LGBT Community.

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CannaBus Cultural Film Festival April 20th Burlington Vermont